Outsourcing Outplacement: Machines vs. Humans

The business of helping people without the human touch. The most significant trend in the Career Transition or Outplacement industry is undeniably the introduction of technology-based services. It’s hard to accept that the industry I’ve been in for over 15 years has been eliminating the human touch. It has gone from the service model of […]

Our Checkbooks and Their Student Loans

Four Perspectives on the New “Parent Trap.” Ladies and gentlemen, our adult children need jobs. Badly. I’ve blogged before about the 30% of them who’ve come home to “mom and dad’s” after graduating from college, many of whom are unable to find jobs, or take jobs that under-employ them. Either way, it puts grads in […]

Will I Hear Back From Them?

The one question job seekers ask. A reader of our Power Connections blogs has asked me to give her some wisdom on the topic above. I promised her I would. I know her personally and she has excellent qualifications in her field. I hear this question from candidate after candidate who await calls after interviewing. […]

Why Your Perfected Resume Isn’t Enough!

You have a perfected resume. A professional has labored with you over every detail. Each line of your areas of expertise has been read 100 times. You have done your background research on companies that are hiring; you have sent thank you cards to those who have even acknowledged your professional existence….. But you STILL […]