Reflectively Looking at Your Personal Brand

Q & A you can have with yourself about… yourself! There are a plethora of questions to ponder when taking a personal look at your brand. Listed below are the top five reflective questions to help guide an inward look at your outward appearance. Here’s the first one: What would people say about you if […]

The CEO Track – Dust Off Your Running Shoes and Get a Coach

I was asked by readers of the “C-Suite Transitions” blog to expand information when I write about this topic. So, this blog is a little longer to cover more important tips. Think you’re on the CEO track? An article by Asa Bjornberg and Claudio Feser in the McKinsey Quarterly reports on CEO succession with details […]

The New Trend of “Reverse-Mentorship”

How Millennials Are Coaching Their Senior Associates Young men and women! Flip flops are in the work place!!! Well, metaphorically, anyway. I’m (sadly) not referencing my favorite pair of worn-in Rainbows. But the newest idea sweeping select companies nationwide is “reverse mentoring” – where a younger employee mentors an older employee, particularly in 21st century […]

Job Search and the “Happiness Factor”

Ladies and gentlemen, I won’t sugarcoat the overwhelming process that is “job search,” with all of its materials preparation, networking meetings, person-to-person introductions, resume submissions, and myriad coffee dates with contacts. Whew! Catch your breath! It’s brutal, really, and honestly, everyone on the planet knows it. So, what to do when the angst you invariably […]