Positivity is a Career Management Strategy

Stressed over a situation at the office? Having difficulty going with the flow? Are you tempted to hang around the water cooler to whine? I’m convinced, after years of studying business publications and thought leadership about happiness, that kvetching and moaning about something at work is a universal activity. Turns out, it’s true! Pick up […]

5 Ways to Articulate Your Brand

Perhaps you’ve taken Susan Howington’s advice in her recent blog about “Discovering New Ways to Differentiate Yourself.” You’ve taken your walks or chopped the heck out of a tree. And voila! An epiphany! That’s awesome! Now, what? Amazingly enough, we professionals oftentimes get stuck about articulating our brands, finding that brand voice. Once you decide […]

How to Discover New Ways to Differentiate Yourself in the Job Market

Hint: The answer is in YOU! What do walking, jogging, working out, running, gardening, or even swinging a pick axe and job search campaign strategies have to do with each other? It sounds crazy, I know, but consider this: Have you ever gone for a walk or gone jogging to help you think, create, or […]

Keep It Going! Five tips for big results this month!

Ladies and gentlemen, rev your engines! Keep firing on all cylinders! You’re still on course for the checkered flag. It’s early December, and that means you can still reach your professional goals this month! We’ll tell you how, tell you where, and tell you why. There’s still time to cross the finish line for the […]