Keep It Going! Five tips for big results this month!

Ladies and gentlemen, rev your engines! Keep firing on all cylinders! You’re still on course for the checkered flag. It’s early December, and that means you can still reach your professional goals this month! We’ll tell you how, tell you where, and tell you why. There’s still time to cross the finish line for the […]

A Purposeful Holiday Season

You can reach your professional goals in the season of cavorting. Even in job search. ‘Tis the season of merry-making. Heaven knows we could all use “a moment” after a year of pushing it professionally to meet our goals. If we’ve been in job search, we’ve been pounding the pavement hard. The reality is ALL […]

Dreading The Termination of An Employee?

Five Ways to Ensure Employees are Laid Off in the Most Humane and Respectable Way! Laying people off is uncomfortable and emotionally draining. After all, you’re human! Goodness knows you wouldn’t want to be them, going home to face their families. You worry that they’re going to have one heck of a time finding another […]

Is Your Business Courting the GenY Demographic?

Listen Up! One size does NOT fit all! GenY is challenging all of the notions about everything. This includes doing business. We young adults are charting a new course, much like our parents and grandparents did when they were young. Is your business already offering products and services to GenY? If not, would you like […]