The Outplacement Brand Challenge

Okay, here I go. I want to know something: why do companies use their current outplacement firms? If you have been using an outplacement firm, do you know what is special about it?  Is there anything compelling about their services?  Do you use them for any particular reason other than the price of their programs, […]

Bridging the Gap in Multigenerational Workforces

Di Chapman and Tiffany Adair take a stab at making progress. “Bridging the gap” between generations who work together within a company is now imperative. Why? We’re living with a new concept: three distinctly different generations all bumping into each other in the hallowed halls of businesses. If your company is like most, perhaps you’re […]

Please! Don’t Make Me Network!

I think it is safe to say that networking is often considered the most dreaded activity for someone in job search. For some of our clients, it is the worst aspect of their job search process. Through the years, I have gotten many calls at 8:30 PM from clients who are driving home from a […]

A Favorable Workplace: Crucial to Employee Satisfaction

When asking a friend about their week, “work” is an inevitable topic.  Hopefully, you and your friend have a positive workplace environment.  In fact, a favorable workplace environment is the most crucial factor in employee satisfaction as well as impactful to one’s future successes. If you’re currently working within an environment that doesn’t provide you […]