About Victor Dominguez
Career Management Coach & Consultant


Mr. Dominguez brings his experience as an executive in communications, marketing and branding to work with Power Connections for the express purpose of helping others reveal their highest and best use within corporate and non-profit organizations. Having provided pro bono coaching for over 250 professionals in transition, Victor understands that every individual has intrinsic knowledge and unique talents that organizations need to help them grow and prosper.

Victor teaches that communicating effectively brings clarity, which leads to a greater understanding about one’s vision, mission and purpose. This creates the foundation for inspirational leadership and that’s what organizations need to help them succeed. Victor uses his experience to work with professionals to help them communicate to networking peers and hiring managers alike.

With over 25 years experience as a marketing professional, Mr. Dominguez shows professionals how to bring their unique value propositions to the marketplace. He understands how to align an employee’s hard and soft skills with an organization’s strategic goal, ensuring that Power Connections clients land in the right job and at the right company. The key is to demonstrate one’s value creation capabilities throughout the hiring process.

Mr. Dominguez has developed global brands for Fortune 500 corporations as well as personal brands for executives and his philosophy is always the same: a quality brand is always derived from a quality experience. Victor teaches professionals how to brand themselves by delivering a quality experience with every contact they make throughout the search process.

In addition, Mr. Dominguez co-founded Business Performance USA – a non-profit (501(c)(6) in formation), which shares business knowledge for the purpose of developing people’s careers, improving business processes and optimizing strategic planning.

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