A Fast “Top Ten” List for Interviewing Success

A really quick, really smart guide to preparing for what a Hiring Manager wants to see!

Okay, you’ve dotted all your “i”s and crossed all your “t”s. You’ve made it to the interviewing round! Now, you get to meet the elusive mortal – the hiring manager. Here are ten things you MUST do to make a great first impression and outshine your competition. Interviewee shaking hands with hiring manager

#1 Show enthusiasm. It’s the key to a great interview. A positive attitude is a reflection on what your personality will bring to the working environment. Show you are alert and excited about this opportunity.

#2 Dress the part. When you dress the part, it’s easy for the hiring manager to visualize you as his or her newest employee. If you need some guidance on how to professionally dress for an interview, download the FREE Power Connections Professional Attire Guide for a more detailed description of what’s acceptable in today’s working environments.

#3 Master the handshake. It’s your first contact with hiring managers, so make sure you give a firm handshake while looking into their eyes. Of course you’ll be smiling during this first interaction! A firm handshake signals you mean business, that you’re confident, and you’re willing to take charge.

#4 Be extra courteous to EVERYONE! You honestly don’t know who might be watching the “newbies” as they come through the door and sit in the waiting area. Smile at those who walk past, say hello when appropriate, and be mindful that you might be on a security camera. You can bet a hiring manager will ask the front office staff who the courteous candidates were for that day.

#5 Show “R-E-S-P-E-C-T! Find out what it means to me.” Offer a professional greeting by standing up straight and addressing people as Mr. or Ms., unless told otherwise. A little bit of admiration can go a long way.

#6 Adopt a “can do” attitude. This makes anything possible. If in your interview an obstacle arises, look at it from the “I can” point of view. It’s not who we are that holds us back, but who we think we’re not.

#7 Keep a sense of humor. We’re attracted to happy, optimistic people. When appropriate, offer a clever quip and DO laugh at the hiring manager’s attempt at humor. After all, laughter is the best antidote to calm nerves.

#8 Have a few common interview questions already scripted in your mind so you answer confidently during the interview. Your “Tell me about yourself” answer should not start off with “Uuummmm….”

#9 Know how you can add value to the company once hired. This will require a bit of pre-interview research, but will be impressive to weave into the interview discussion.

#10 Be smart. Be honest. Be yourself. You’ll land the career that’s best for you!

Photo by vgstudio @123RF.com