Job Search Success

Are You Ready for Some Good News? Honestly, this is really happening!  Ring the bell! Sound the Gong! Our success is generated from the success of our clients – who received Power Connections outplacement services from our generous corporate customers. We are the outplacement company that really cares and invests our heart; our creativity and […]

Age Is A State of Mind Part Deux – Five Ways to Ignite Change

If you’re a Boomer in job search, take these steps to project energy and vitality! I’ve written before about the importance of being honest in regards to presenting your finest self when you are in the market for a job. Your search should be a time of introspection, and even adopting a new perspective about […]

Seven reasons Boomers are successful in their “next act”

Robert N. Butler, M.D., a Pulitzer Prize-winning author and founder of the International Longevity Center-U.S.A., has much to say about how boomers view the contributions they can make to their communities, country and the globe. The stereotypes of us declining in our work and productivity are finally starting to change, all because we have embraced […]

Excuse Me, But Your Anxiety is Showing!

I have always said to girlfriends, close business associates, and the like, if I have spinach in my teeth, smeared mascara under my eyes, pen marks on my face, or God forbid, a button that was unbuttoned or a zipper that didn’t get zipped, I give them permission to let me know. The embarrassment of […]