Fuel the Economy: Hire a Veteran!

It’s Memorial Day weekend, and it is befitting that I post this blog. I should have written this blog long ago, because truthfully, every day is Memorial Day to me. I have tremendous appreciation for the protection our military service members provide us. These men and women protect our freedom day in and day out, under unimaginable conditions and circumstances, and they do this job by their own choice.

Yet, once their military career is over, another battle of an entirely different nature can ensue. That battle is called the job market. An exaggeration you say? I don’t think so. Finding a job entails dealing with regular rejection, hours and hours of time networking, making phone calls, sending emails, research, preparing for job interviews, giving presentations, and following up, just to cite the obvious activities. The job seeker has very little control. As hard as they try, the search process can have pitfalls and land mines that are difficult to anticipate or figure out.

The dynamics that play out in the job market today truly are difficult to understand (or comprehend for those who have not experienced job search in the past 5 years.) The competition is fierce and often times, there is no apparent reason for not getting the job that one has put time, intellect, creativity, emotion and even financial investment in to, with hopes of getting the offer.

So, imagine a service member who has been in the military most of his or her adult life and who is now entering civilian life. They have the task of translating their military roles and duties into the language of commerce. Many aren’t sure where they belong functionally within a business organization or how much they should be paid. Even if they have established their future career path, they can be understandably lost.

One thing they are sure of is their sincere interest to work and to find a company where they can contribute! Give veterans a chance to gain entry into a business role and you can be sure that their loyalty and commitment to your business will be like no other! I mean really, why would we not hire a person who willingly put himself/herself in harm’s way in order to protect others – or more directly, to protect the freedom we have that allows us to be in business in the first place?

Considering the sacrifices and challenges our military service members have experienced to secure our personal and business freedoms, at the very least we could offer them the opportunity to monetize their talents and skills. Fuel the economy. Hire a Veteran!

This is one more entry that is part of the Fuel the Economy blog series. I believe that each of us with decision-making influence can help fuel the economy. By employing our country’s Veterans, we help them support themselves and provide for their families. If each of us does our part to help make this happen, a difference will surely be made.

Susan Howington is the Founder and CEO of Power Connections Executive Outplacement and Leadership Coaching Service. She can be found at www.powerconnectionsinc.com.