Job Search Bling: It’s a Natural Thing

Every living thing has its own kind of bling. If not for the bling, life as we know it would not have stood the test of time. Think about it. In the plant world, flowers exist to attract bees so the bees can pollinate and enable the plant to continue to exist.

Birds exhibit all kinds of bling for the purpose of finding a mate and continuing the species. Have you ever seen the elaborate mating dance performed by the New Guinea male Bird of Paradise? (You should google this, as it is worth watching!)

And what about the Mockingbird? His song is beautiful and ever-prolific until he finds a mate. It is lovely to listen to, unless of course he has designated the tree outside your bedroom window as his stage. (Like I said, the Mockingbird is persistent and will sing enthusiastically day and night until he finds a mate.)

Photo of PeacockAnd, how can we talk about natural bling without mentioning the Peacock! This bird shows a glorious display of extraordinary bling and swagger!

Believe it or not, bling is an important factor in job search, too. I think of our individual brand as our natural bling. You may not be one for bling, in general. The tactics displayed by nature would be to our equivalent of jumping up and down saying “look at me! Look at me!” But in your own way, you can work your brand to stand out and be noticed. Bling, or branding, can make a difference as to how long it will take you to find a job and what kind of company you will attract.

The bling comes naturally in nature, but not so much for those who are looking for a new job. Promoting your brand starts with knowing how to brand yourself and knowing your target audience. Nature knows what birds and flowers want and who they need in order to get it. Then nature builds a presentation, if you will, that gets noticed, impresses the audience for which the presentation was intended, and ultimately succeeds.

There is nothing more rewarding to me as a Job Search Coach than to know that I helped my clients discover their authentic professional brands: their true bling.

You may not be comfortable strutting your brand like a New Guinea Bird of Paradise, but you can sure feel like one and give your job search process everything you’ve got! It’s a beautiful thing, once you have found your natural bling!

Susan Howington is the CEO of Power Connections.

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  1. Susan, I love the way you’ve said this! How true that we all need to identify what it is we do best and why – what our authentic brand is – and thinking of it as “bling” is pretty cool, really!