About “Max” Kathleen Latham
Career Management Coach & Consultant

As a Transformational Career and Life Coach, Max assists individuals to assess their work history, their capabilities, options and opportunities so that their career goals and life vision congruously align. Drawing on her corporate experience and her marketing background Max advises her clients on how to develop a personal brand, how to use their resume to “sell” their value proposition and how to manage their network to create and maximize opportunities. She untiringly guides her clients in refining and perfecting their interviewing skills so that they easily demonstrate how they can solve a potential employer’s greatest problems. Additionally, Max helps her clients to navigate the emotional hurdles associated with career transition.

Max Kathleen Latham maintains a Portfolio Career – a term used to indicate a multi-faceted career focus. In addition to her extensive career transition coaching practice, Max works with individuals and organizations to develop and refine their soft skills, including team building, leadership, conflict management and communication.

Max has previously functioned as an adjunct member of the Lee Hecht Harrison team, as well as maintained an independent coaching practice with individuals at all levels. Prior to focusing on her coaching practice she conducted soft skill seminars for corporate clients around the world, including Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain and Guam. Her role as a Manager of Health Care Consulting for Arthur Young & Company (now Ernst & Young), along with her experience as Director of Health Care Consulting for Kramer Pollard, a regional accounting firm, afforded her a perfect background for her coaching practice and her seminars.

Additionally, Max worked with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Virginia as a Systems Analyst; for Hospital Financial Services, a Newport Beach, CA software firm since acquired by Computer Sciences, as Product Manager for their Accounts Receivable System. There she worked with Milwaukee County Medical Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Loyola University Medical Center in Maywood, Illinois, Olive View Medical Center in Los Angeles County, and Stanford University Medical Center in Palo Alto. As a Research Associate to Dr. Milton Alter, Chief of Neurology at the University of Minnesota Medical Center, she co-wrote and published an article for Neurology Journal reporting on the results of a clinical study she conducted on Multiple Sclerosis.

Max graduated from Ohio State University with a B.Sc. degree in business and marketing. She has since participated in a graduate study program in clinical psychology at the California Graduate Institute of The Chicago School of Professional Psychology.

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