NEXTGen Career Coaching Program

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For young people who are in job search; or for those already working who desire career management guidance. Sign up now to begin your own personalized Generational Career Coaching sessions.

You’ll kick off with the Harrison Assessment and learn personal preparation for job search, interview skills, networking tactics, resume’ tips, search resources and techniques, employers’ perspectives on candidates, and MORE.

Susan Howington – Founder and CEO
Tiffany Adair – Generational Career Consultant

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Who Should Sign Up for this Program?
Interested candidates are young adults who are seeking their first career, or are interested in advancing within the career field they have chosen.  Power Connections is looking for individuals who will be candidates possessing the desire to gain insight into business networking no matter where they are.  We want to help candidates who are serious about finding a career in which they can advance as well as enjoy.

Course Overview:
Whether you are beginning your search for your first career, or you are in a career and looking for ways to advance, the Power Connections Team is here to help you gain the edge you need to stand apart from all the rest.  Our telephone and face-to-face appointments, career planning, resume assistance, interview training, and networking capabilities will enhance your career search techniques.

Harrison Assessment Objective:
The Harrison Assessment is the first step in our 4 week long course.  This individually taken on-line quiz provides great insight for your enjoyment levels with possible career paths, as well as how suited you are for the role you are hoping to obtain.  This assessment is a handy tool to use when looking for career direction and professional development.  The comprehensive results will only liken your ability to speak aptly about your strengths as an employee candidate.

Learning Objectives:
Our objective in our NEXTGen programs is to train participants in career planning, resume development, interview training, networking skills, professional use of social media outlets, and preparation for target companies will be addressed.

Generational Career Coaching Services

This “two track” program is specifically designed to meet the needs of young adults who are characterized as part of the Gen Y or Millennial generation who are:

  • new to seeking employment and need career direction.
  • looking for their first professional position, or want to find a new career opportunity.

Pick from our two different tracks described below:

The Career Direction Track

The “Career Direction” track is perfect for young adults who are looking for direction in what type of career or industry they should pursue in job search. This four week program includes:

  • The Harrison Assessment Career Options Report
  • Career Planning
  • Resume development
  • Interview training
  • Cultivating and growing personal networks
  • Employment Agencies Contact Preparation
  • Autographed copy of the book How Smart People Sabotage Their Job Search

$899 per person

Participant Name


The Job Search Track

The “Job Search” track is for young professionals who are looking for their first professional position, or are looking for a new job. This four week program includes:

  • The Harrison Assessment Career Options Report
  • Resume development
  • Cultivating and growing personal networks
  • Interview training
  • Employment Agencies Contact Preparation
  • Target Company Development
  • Personal Connection/Social Media
  • Autographed copy of the book How Smart People Sabotage Their Job Search

$899 per person

Participant Name


Requirements of each Participant:

  • Adherence to time frames for Harrison Assessment
  • Note-taking device (paper or electronic)
  • Current resume (partially developed resumes are acceptable)
  • Assigned reading from paperback book: How Smart People Sabotage their Job Search

Information on Power Connections:  
Established in August of 2006, Power Connections is an outplacement and career coaching firm catering to all levels of professionals. The Power Connections team strives to offer best-in-class services that create positive and life enhancing experiences to our clients.  Most recently, Power Connections included Generation X and Generation Y age groups (young adults) to the varying levels of professionals that we are committed to helping.  We are here to assist young professionals investing in their future careers by providing them the necessary tools, skills, and network to help make their career goals become a reality.

Information on Susan Howington:
Equipped with over 15 years of experience in Executive Coaching, Career Management, Leadership Development, Job Search, and Outplacement, Susan is the CEO of Power Connections.  Her focus on raising her clients’ visibility and finding them new career opportunities is evident. Known for her ability to clearly “brand” an individual’s professional direction, Susan uses her industry knowledge to help create a unique and personalized brand.  Susan’s passion includes innovation in professional development and coaching and helping all levels of professionals achieve their career goals.  She has been instrumental in the successful attainment of job search and career goals for hundreds of individuals throughout her career.

Information on Tiffany Adair:
Spearheading the Generational Career Coaching Program is the newest member to the Power Connections Team, Tiffany.  Her passion for teaching and training throughout her vocations has been exemplified within both educational and business industries.  Tiffany was a school teacher for 12 years and also worked part-time within the restaurant industry in a management position.  Tiffany’s strong work ethic, tenacity, and positive energy are the winning combinations in helping young adults learn about ways to further their career opportunities.

For more information about the Generational Career Coaching program, contact Susan Howington at 949-285-9541 or email her for details.

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