Oh No! The Perspective is All Wrong! Four coachable elements of perspective to give you the edge in your value proposition.

Paint and brushesIn my office you’ll find my very first oil painting displayed. It’s a painting of the charming interior room of a home in Greece overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. I placed it in my office for all to see, not because it’s a great first attempt at learning how to paint, (Trust me, it’s not!) but because it lacks the fundamental concept of perspective, and therein lies its raison d’etre. My bumbling first stab at fine art is an excellent coaching tool.

Truth of the matter is, I think the painting is pretty darn good for my first try. But, to the trained eye there is a glaring flaw to the image. I was not aware of my big faux pas, the lack of perspective in the image, when I announced that I had painted my final brush strokes of the piece to my art teacher. She was the one who made it clear to me what it was missing and how. She explained what I’d done wrong, what I’d done right, what I shouldn’t have done, and how I should have done it.

Ah-ha! The light bulb came on! Until that discussion, I didn’t have a clue. I was totally missing this important element of creating an image. Now, I completely understand this concept called “perspective.”

Here’s where the “novice painting as coaching tool” comes in. When I point to the painting and ask clients to tell me what’s wrong with it, of course they feel like they’re in the hot seat. They compliment me, and state that they don’t see anything wrong. Yes, I know, they’re just being polite.

So, I point to the rug that was painted in the center of the room, and explain the importance of perspective in art. The rug doesn’t have any perspective at all, and yet the rest of the room is painted with perfect perspective. The rug is a problem. It throws off the whole painting. No pun intended!

Job search also needs the critical element of perspective. Take a moment to consider our Power Connections perspective on evaluating YOURS. Here are some things you must be aware of in your own search process:

First, how is your own perspective on how you present yourself?
My team of exceptional Career Consultants meet people all the time who have all the necessary accoutrements required for an effective job search, but miss the importance of perspective in the way they present their value proposition.

Next, your talent lies in the expert way you’ve done your job responsibilities. Perspective in job search might not be your forte’.
Think about how there could be something glaringly wrong with your approach that an untrained eye will never see. But we Coaches see it, and we’ll help you with it. We’re not about criticizing you, but helping you to be the best job candidate you can be!

Third, by missing the perspective in your job search you might create unnecessary challenges.  
It can be tedious to go back and fix the mistakes and get the perspective right, but it can be done. Our Career Consultants enlighten you and train you in improving it.

Finally, perspective can be learned.
You can learn to have excellent perspective about yourself. A good Career Consultant will get you there.

Photo by makingfaces @123RF.com