Onward! Your 2016 Plan to Conquer Your Career Goals

“You’re always in motion. But you decide every day: forward or backward.”
– James Altucher, Best-selling author and podcaster

 So, what’s it going to be?

Whether you’re searching for a job, or planning your next career advancement, 2016 holds another year of promise. Yes, I said another year of promise. Now, you curmudgeons or Scrooges who just won’t give it up, perhaps you believe the word “promise” holds too much positive connotation. Positive connotation, yes, but too much? Nah.

PC Blog Onward Woman on LadderSo, get on board ye skeptics, and get ready to take the first step for 2016 success. It starts with you. There’s a lot of turf to pound out there, and you may as well get going. Let’s do it.

Follow these tips to help you recharge your resolve for success this year.

First, imagine who you could be by reinventing yourself. It’s easier than we think, Tim Ferriss, author of The 4-Hour Workweek tells us. “It’s something that everyone has the capacity to do, but a lot of people fear doing.” Bingo. Ferriss explains that reinvention requires making some important decisions about your life, and you must clearly define your fears. “… nine times out of 10, it’s ambiguous fear that is preventing action,” he says. So, why not give yourself permission to bypass your fears about changing, take a chance, and don’t look back?

Then, evolve with the transformation of this new decision. Change just one thing in your daily job search routine each day, and trust that your life will bring forth a new bounty. Change one thing about yourself that could bring that next career step. With this one change, you won’t be disappointed by expecting different results when you’re doing the same things you did last year. Changing one thing changes everything. Think about it, a simple change in your routine and outlook alone can affect how quickly you find a job or how quickly you ascend to a job you aspire to.

Next, project the “who” you want to be in the future. Begin your journey to take yourself there. Renew your confidence in your decision-making and change your beliefs in mid-stream if you want a new perspective on the purpose, brand and significance you’ll bring to potential employers or opportunities you’re pursuing.

Now, see the new year with new eyes! Change is the only constant, the only certainty in life, and instead of resisting it, you can be a catalyst for it to reinvent your life in the direction you want to go.

As opposed to putting your energy into resistance as you job search, or as you aspire to a higher position, be the one who makes change happen. And while you’re at it, put some muscle into it! Our fears give us comfort because they are what we know. But they also bind us tightly to “where we are” right now. Kick them in the bum, and move onward!

Diane Y. Chapman is the Chief Communications Officer for Power Connections.

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  1. Remember, to change your career management outlook and strategy is to change your outcome!