You CAN land a job during the holidays!

Never Fear. You absolutely can! Think there’s no one hiring before January? Think again! Do you feel like you’ve missed your window for finding a job now that we’re cruising into the holidays? Don’t. Companies hire right up until the end of the year. They really never stop. However, it’s tough being unemployed during the […]

Outsourcing Outplacement: Machines vs. Humans

The business of helping people without the human touch. The most significant trend in the Career Transition or Outplacement industry is undeniably the introduction of technology-based services. It’s hard to accept that the industry I’ve been in for over 15 years has been eliminating the human touch. It has gone from the service model of […]

Our Checkbooks and Their Student Loans

Four Perspectives on the New “Parent Trap.” Ladies and gentlemen, our adult children need jobs. Badly. I’ve blogged before about the 30% of them who’ve come home to “mom and dad’s” after graduating from college, many of whom are unable to find jobs, or take jobs that under-employ them. Either way, it puts grads in […]

Oh No! The Perspective is All Wrong! Four coachable elements of perspective to give you the edge in your value proposition.

In my office you’ll find my very first oil painting displayed. It’s a painting of the charming interior room of a home in Greece overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. I placed it in my office for all to see, not because it’s a great first attempt at learning how to paint, (Trust me, it’s not!) but […]