Bridging the Gap in Multigenerational Workforces

Di Chapman and Tiffany Adair take a stab at making progress. “Bridging the gap” between generations who work together within a company is now imperative. Why? We’re living with a new concept: three distinctly different generations all bumping into each other in the hallowed halls of businesses. If your company is like most, perhaps you’re […]

Young Adults’ Strength in the Workplace

College and university graduations are quickly approaching. Once again, the job market will be flooded with young professionals – eager and ready to put all they have learned to use in the real world. As the work force evolves, baby boomers are taking retirement options and younger generations are moving up the proverbial career ladder. […]

Outsourcing Outplacement: Machines vs. Humans

The business of helping people without the human touch. The most significant trend in the Career Transition or Outplacement industry is undeniably the introduction of technology-based services. It’s hard to accept that the industry I’ve been in for over 15 years has been eliminating the human touch. It has gone from the service model of […]