Job Search Tip: Answer Your Phone! Your Cat Will Thank You

Recruiters are calling, but candidates aren’t picking up. Sounds implausible doesn’t it?  During this time of our lives, when the unemployment rate sky rocketed over the last 4 weeks, when companies have been mandated to shut down operations and we are all in pseudo-isolation mode, why wouldn’t someone out of work answer their phone? I […]

Rejected! Ouch! Four ways to interpret the meaning of “No.”

If you have never suffered rejection, (Believe it or not some of us haven’t!! What’s up with that?) I hope you never will. Most of us have suffered rejection at some point in our lives. From the young love who dumps us to the job interview that bombs, rejection brings us dashed hopes, confusion, embarrassment, […]

A Fast “Top Ten” List for Interviewing Success

A really quick, really smart guide to preparing for what a Hiring Manager wants to see! Okay, you’ve dotted all your “i”s and crossed all your “t”s. You’ve made it to the interviewing round! Now, you get to meet the elusive mortal – the hiring manager. Here are ten things you MUST do to make […]

Age Is A State of Mind Part Deux – Five Ways to Ignite Change

If you’re a Boomer in job search, take these steps to project energy and vitality! I’ve written before about the importance of being honest in regards to presenting your finest self when you are in the market for a job. Your search should be a time of introspection, and even adopting a new perspective about […]