The ABCs of Job Search Pain

If you’ve ever experienced an “unplanned” separation from your employer, then you have most certainly experienced one or more of the job search pains that are in this list. Even though most people have experienced being unemployed at least once in their careers, more often than not, being unemployed presents some challenges and complications. At […]

Bridging the Gap in Multigenerational Workforces

Di Chapman and Tiffany Adair take a stab at making progress. “Bridging the gap” between generations who work together within a company is now imperative. Why? We’re living with a new concept: three distinctly different generations all bumping into each other in the hallowed halls of businesses. If your company is like most, perhaps you’re […]

A Favorable Workplace: Crucial to Employee Satisfaction

When asking a friend about their week, “work” is an inevitable topic.  Hopefully, you and your friend have a positive workplace environment.  In fact, a favorable workplace environment is the most crucial factor in employee satisfaction as well as impactful to one’s future successes. If you’re currently working within an environment that doesn’t provide you […]

Young Adults’ Strength in the Workplace

College and university graduations are quickly approaching. Once again, the job market will be flooded with young professionals – eager and ready to put all they have learned to use in the real world. As the work force evolves, baby boomers are taking retirement options and younger generations are moving up the proverbial career ladder. […]