Job Search and the “Happiness Factor”

Ladies and gentlemen, I won’t sugarcoat the overwhelming process that is “job search,” with all of its materials preparation, networking meetings, person-to-person introductions, resume submissions, and myriad coffee dates with contacts. Whew! Catch your breath! It’s brutal, really, and honestly, everyone on the planet knows it. So, what to do when the angst you invariably […]

How to Discover New Ways to Differentiate Yourself in the Job Market

Hint: The answer is in YOU! What do walking, jogging, working out, running, gardening, or even swinging a pick axe and job search campaign strategies have to do with each other? It sounds crazy, I know, but consider this: Have you ever gone for a walk or gone jogging to help you think, create, or […]

A Fast “Top Ten” List for Interviewing Success

A really quick, really smart guide to preparing for what a Hiring Manager wants to see! Okay, you’ve dotted all your “i”s and crossed all your “t”s. You’ve made it to the interviewing round! Now, you get to meet the elusive mortal – the hiring manager. Here are ten things you MUST do to make […]

Oh No! The Perspective is All Wrong! Four coachable elements of perspective to give you the edge in your value proposition.

In my office you’ll find my very first oil painting displayed. It’s a painting of the charming interior room of a home in Greece overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. I placed it in my office for all to see, not because it’s a great first attempt at learning how to paint, (Trust me, it’s not!) but […]