Jobs: where they are now

Today’s job market is changing geographically and metaphorically, and current job seekers must keep their eyes on the literally shifting sands of opportunities. For the first time in a generation, gains in jobs are happening now within industries that might surprise you, and in locations that might have been declared “dead and done” in the last period […]

The Ultimate Expert Status Deterrent: Multi-Tasking

For almost 10 years, I made pancakes every weekend for my son.  It started when he was 4 years old when he ate apple cinnamon pancakes at the Teddy Bear Restaurant in Big Bear, CA. From then on, his favorite breakfast was apple cinnamon pancakes. Eager to please him, I sliced apples and sprinkled cinnamon in […]

Fuel the Economy: Hire a Veteran!

It’s Memorial Day weekend, and it is befitting that I post this blog. I should have written this blog long ago, because truthfully, every day is Memorial Day to me. I have tremendous appreciation for the protection our military service members provide us. These men and women protect our freedom day in and day out, […]