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Power Connections quoted at MSNBC
Job hunting? Nail your next interview: Confidence, preparedness can help you stand out from the crowd by Eve Tahmincioglu, Feb. 1, 2009
“The talent pool is full of highly skilled and very talented people. A candidate should never underestimate their competition in their job quest,” said Susan Howington, CEO of executive outplacement firm Power Connections. “So, coming with a business plan outlining what you would do if you were given the job is a very good idea. Not every candidate is going to go through the trouble and the effort, and the fact that someone did take the time can certainly differentiate them from the other talent going for the same position.”

Power Connections featured on blogs

Susan was featured on the creativeconsiderations blog in a post titled How They Do It: Brand Differentiation with Susan Howington

What our happy CLIENTS say about Power Connections

I worked with Susan while in transition in Southern California. In my career as a Senior Executive to include President and CEO positions, I have utilized numerous outplacement agencies and coaches, for myself, and employees who worked for me and needed help. Susan is by far the very best. She provided solid advice, constant contact, keeps people accountable, and she follows-up. But most of all she really cares about her clients. i have relocated back to Wisconsin, and although our tenure is up, we still converse with each other on a regular basis. She provides solid value. Most of all I consider Susan to be a trusted advisor, confidant, and friend. I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs her services.  Consumer & Packaged Goods, CEO, Wisconsin

I really felt the power of the “team” that supported me in my job search.  From the career coaching and strategy sessions, to becoming more aware and adept at how to network, to learning how technology and Linkedin has become a critical tool in job search, the Power Connections team worked closely with me to give me ideas that were impactful in my search process.  International Automotive Executive, Georgia

“My network is quite extensive. With this said, however, Susan has been able to introduce me to automotive executives outside of my network that have led to interviews and other meaningful encounters.” Automotive Industry Sales & Marketing Executive, California

I have worked with Susan twice as my Career Transition Coach.  Even though I am highly networked, I always find that her advice is right on.  She tells it like it is and I appreciate that direct approach.  At a time when you want to make sure you are doing all the right things, she is the one I recommend. Software Industry/CIO, Colorado

My company provided me with an outplacement program with Power Connections. It was my first experience with an outplacement service and I didn’t know what to expect.  Their support was beyond what I could have ever imagined.  Each person on the team sincerely cares and met me in person each week to ensure that I was moving forward on my search. Job search was a challenging time and I am truly grateful for their help. Industrial Materials/VP Sales & Marketing, Florida

“I am conducting a confidential job search as I am still fully engaged as President/CEO at my current company. My long hours and commitment to this role leave me no time to spend in creating and developing a network of professional contacts that will ultimately lead me to my next executive role. It is great to know that Susan is working on my behalf and is doing by a good deal of the upfront, groundbreaking work that paves the way for me in my job search.” Consumer Goods President/CEO, California

In my most recent job search, I was open to relocation. I was really impressed with how current and relevant Susan’s knowledge of the job market was as she discussed different areas of the country with me.  When the interviews started and the job offer came in, she gave me great direction and advice on how to position myself.  Aerospace/General Manager, Colorado

Even though we were in different parts of the country, Susan and her team introduced me to some amazingly talented people that I had the privilege of adding to my professional network. I valued every conversation and always felt supported, encouraged and energized.  International Consumer Products/President, New York

I cannot thank you enough for the help you have given me during my recent transition. You and your firm, Power Connections far exceeded my expectations! You truly tailored a custom program that fit my needs and helped me land a new job far quicker than I would have been able to do on my own. Your one-on-one personal attention is unlike any other firm out there. From your help with resume creation to interview preparation, and the constant flow of great leads and introductions, you did it all. What really impressed me the most is that when any other firm would have ended their services, you kept supporting with the same level of intensity and hustle until I found the perfect job!

Susan, with you and Power Connections I truly felt that I had my own personal Career Concierge working for me at all times. You made my transition smoother, shorter, I learned skills that I will take with me throughout my career.

Thank you again, I would recommend you and Power Connections without reservation to anyone in transition!!

Mark Nease
Healthcare Services Industry/Human Resources Executive

What our happy CORPORATE CUSTOMERS say about Power Connections

After reconnecting with Susan Howington and her company, I have found that she still has the same heart and passion for helping people in transition as when I worked with her 8 years ago during a large scale corporate downsizing.  Media Industry/SVP Human Resources

At a time when we knew that outplacement support was the right thing to do, we selected Power Connections. Not only are they providing great service, but they are easy for my company to work with.  Engineering Industry/President

We worked with Power Connections during a plant closure. You can’t get better proof of the effectiveness of their support than being able to report that100% of our employees landed new jobs in a very short time in a very challenging job market. Semiconductor Industry/Director Human Resources