Transitional Success in the Holidays!

Think companies don’t hire during this season? Not true! They absolutely do.

Three rules to get you to an offer.

Oh, boy. Here we are again. ‘Tis the season to be jolly. Sure. You’re out of work, actively looking, and it seems like the holidays are unproductive and definitely traumatizing to your ego. Trust me, almost every one of us has been through a jobless holiday, and it’s the pits.

However, the urban notion that work cannot be found during the holidays is just that – a notion. Let me tell you something. Looking for work, any time of year, is like looking for love. You’ll find it in the most unexpected places. Uh-huh. One of those is holiday time.

How to find those unexpected places? Here’s some good advice from Success magazine and John Maxwell’s Intentional Living: Choosing a Life that Matters.

Yes, a productive transition during the holidays, like anytime, is about being who you are and expressing your value, positivity and capabilities, and now, as Maxwell says, your significance. Let’s take a look at his explanation of significance and how it can boost your possibly deflated ego when you’re at a gathering. (Those are the toughest, right? The “What do you do?” conversation is a lead balloon.)

Volunteering First, “significance” can definitely separate you from the crowd when you’re doing the killer thing during the holidays that is actually networking: parties, lunches, dinners, volunteer efforts and part time jobs, etc.

Maxwell says that “Significance is adding value to people….Real significance is all about someone else – other people.” So, rule #1: Get out and be significant. Put aside expectations of lousy holiday conversations and focus on helping someone else to have a better life or a happier time. There are plenty of people who need help with this. You can volunteer alongside executives who, by the way, put a huge value on creating significance by volunteering. Just ask them. Join them.

Next, BE your purpose. What is it you’re meant to do? Rule #2: Express this through actions. They DO speak louder than words to everyone. I mentioned volunteering. You don’t have to serve soup. You can be chief of fundraising. You can offer your marketing or promotional experience. You can present “toys to tots” in the hospital. You can deliver Meals on Wheels.

Or you can help organize a function for one of your networking groups. It will keep you on point. Chances are, your name will be in the program with thanks.

These “feel good” efforts will increase your esteem and happiness and your aura will project to everyone. Get out there!

Now, SMILE. ACT like you’re in good spirits, ok? Seriously. Studies show that this will light you up. Your positivity attracts positive people. And that often means hiring executives.

They’ll interpret your happiness as meaning you’re a good potential team member. Rule #3: Make conversation with them in social situations. They’ll be happy to speak with you if you’re happy.

One last thing. Remember rules #1, 2, and 3. Don’t take my word for it, ladies and gentlemen. Do it and see for yourself.

Diane Y. Chapman is Chief Communications Officer for Power Connections.

Photo by Wavebreak Media Ltd