Welcome to The Club!

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Being axed places you in an esteemed club.

If you have been through the experience of losing your job, then I want to welcome you to the Club.  The Club, you say?  What Club? Why, it’s the Club for the sacked, wacked, separated, terminated, eliminated, reduced, canned and fired!   And membership is free!  The only requirement is that its members know what it is like to be given the ol’ boot!

Oh, come on!  Let’s not be too serious about this!  I don’t care what reference is made to that time in your career when you lost your job.  You can still be a member of this robust and nationally acclaimed group of people. Being axed has not marked you for life forever. There is no scarlet letter on your arm, is there?

You may not describe the concept of being out of work as being a member of an esteemed Club.  But just wait, once you land your next position, I guarantee that you will look back on this experience with a sense of humor, and you will be identifying the silver lining of the dark cloud that hung over you while you were looking for your next job.

If you are about to be given the old “heave ho” and your company is kind enough to give you walking papers that include outplacement support, please ask for Power Connections.  We won’t let you feel bad for long, because there are a lot of people who will attest that membership in “The Club” was the best thing that happened to them!

You didn’t get Power Connections outplacement service as part of your severance package?  Worried that you won’t land that next job?  Tell you what!  Instead of the scarlet letter of “S” for scorned, would you like the letter “L” for landed?

Then call us, we can help you!  Our service is unique and wonderfully human.

Susan Howington is the CEO of Power Connections, Inc. Career Services, offering outplacement assistance and executive coaching.

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