Why Personal Branding Is So Important

It’s no surprise that today’s markets are still very competitive amongst job seekers.  In order to get noticed, and not left behind, a competitive personal  brand needs to be developed.  This brand gives you the advantage you deserve in your career search.  Your specific brand solidifies the recognition of valid distinction and helps you cultivate the image you portray to your target audience.  Separating yourself from the competition is a good thing because it makes you memorable. Your brand is your reputation, your first impression to others, and an example of the expectations you have set for yourself from here on out! It is truly that important.

So how do you capture and promote your individual strengths to a specific audience? First of all, you need to take a look inward and see what it is about YOU that is worth branding! Grant it, this is not an easy thing to do, but knowing who you are and what you stand for will become effective when communicating during a networking event or interviewing with a potentially new boss.  When you are able to effortlessly self-promote, you increase your visibility and awareness, and doors to a variety of job opportunities open that fit your personal brand.

Woman in business suitYou need to develop this brand purposely. Your brand promotes your best self, not who you hope to be one day.  Once you have established your brand, you can use it as the foundation to give your resume a bit of personality, and to stay consistent with your images on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.  Your brand will also attract other followers, and these followers should be identifiable as your brand followers.  Mastering the ability to sell your personal brand in cyberspace is important in today’s technology-driven world, and equally important is knowing your image also exists offline.  It will be noticed in person by the behaviors you display, the way you present yourself, your body language, and your personal appearance.  If you want to be treated like a professional, look and act like one!

If you think a personal brand only helps you, think again. Potential employers want their employees to fit the mold of the company’s brand.  By promoting your personal brand, you also are promoting the brand of the company with whom you are seeking employment.  Staying relevant to the market and the latest forward thinking not only benefits you, but it also makes the company look good, too! Brands advertise who we are, what we stand for, and where we have set our sights.

I hope by now you realize the importance of your personal brand! Here are a few parting words of wisdom:  When you develop your online biography, make sure it includes your vision, goals, and passions.  Once developed, you can use this biography to help script your elevator speech, redefine the beginning of your resume, and strengthen your profile on LinkedIn! Hence the reason why you MUST be certain your brand matches your personality.  You don’t want a potential employer calling your bluff! By being consistent and authentic with your brand, you allow a true version of yourself to emerge wherever you are and whenever you are promoting yourself. Finally, remember that as you grow and evolve professionally, your brand will also grow and evolve.

Photo By Elizabeth Engle @123RF.com