Why Your Perfected Resume Isn’t Enough!

You need more than a resume to land that job!You have a perfected resume.

A professional has labored with you over every detail.

Each line of your areas of expertise has been read 100 times.

You have done your background research on companies that are hiring; you have sent thank you cards to those who have even acknowledged your professional existence….. But you STILL aren’t landing the career you desire. What gives??

Do you think maybe it’s YOU? Do you think it might be YOUR appearance online and off?

In today’s digital world, resumes are important, but they aren’t the only piece of data you emit. Think about your digital imprint and what it says about you. How you show up online and off puts more control in your hands instead of solely relying on a single piece of paper to paint your professional image. Are you comfortable with relying on yourself to get the job?

Think about all the ways you can digitally present your best self:

On Linkedin, you can upload a fresh, professional profile picture, expand your network to other like-minded associates, change your headline, and freshen up your summary to include your most recent successes in just a matter of minutes. Linkedin is your resume in real time, and it’s a way many of the 21st century jobseekers are combating the give and take with HR.

On Twitter, in addition to the ideas mentioned above, you can also tweet relevant career ideas and advice. Even posing a question or two as your tweets can help you stay updated in your sought-after career climate. You can stay current with trending ideas as they pertain to your career goals and further expand your network.

As if those weren’t enough, you can become a blogger. Everybody’s doing it nowadays! It’s an online diary you WANT people to read. Creating your own blog further develops your professional voice and helps you become an influencer within your field.

Are you being social offline too? Attending networking events connects you to other humans, and it’s still very important in today’s digital world. Putting on a warm smile with a firm handshake with someone you follow online can make a huge difference when a new career opportunity arises.

Finally, are you dressing the part? You might be “with it” digitally, but is your attire? It’s 2015 and styles have changed since you last landed your big career transition. I admit, this is the most difficult thing to do, but if your clothes don’t fit, if your hairstyle is outdated, if your glasses look a little too… well… dorky… then chances are the position might be offered to a fresher appearing individual.

Your resume is a great springboard; it’s what helps get the ball rolling. The rest is literally up to you! By being active within the online community, and present within the offline scene, you are showcasing all of the things your resume portrays. Your digital footprint gets you connected to the people who matter online and off.

Tiffany Adair is Power Connections’ Generational Career Consultant for Job Search and Coaching.

Vector by Alexander Dubovitskiy@123RF.com


  1. Great blog, Tiffany!

  2. Every time I go for an interview, I am dressed professionally, with a positive attitude. The problem is that every interviewer I meet with can either be my child, or grandchild. They are always very professional, but yo can see that they become uncomfortable asking me questions. I do believe that because I am older the intimidation over whelms them. I do believe that prior to seeing a candidate they should really read the resume so they have knowledge of where we have been and what we have done.

    There is nothing more fustrating then sitting accross from an interviewer asking me what I have done on my past jobs and my resume is in their hands and when you answer they look at the resume and then you, and ask you to explain.