You CAN land a job during the holidays!

Never Fear. You absolutely can!

Think there’s no one hiring before January? Think again!

Do you feel like you’ve missed your window for finding a job now that we’re cruising into the holidays? Don’t. Companies hire right up until the end of the year. They really never stop. However, it’s tough being unemployed during the season of merrymaking. Chances are the last thing you feel is very merry.

If you’re out of work, and actively looking, it’s easy to throw up your hands as you buy into the notion that the holidays bring unproductive months to job search. This attitude can definitely result in a traumatized ego. Trust me, almost every one of us has been through a jobless holiday, and it sucks.

But this notion that work cannot be found during the holidays is just that – a notion. I’ve always said that looking for work at any time of year is like looking for love. You’ll find it in the most unexpected places. Uh-huh. One of those is holiday time.

Yes, a productive transition during the holidays, like anytime, is about being who you are and expressing your value, positivity, capabilities, and your attitude. Surprise, surprise. Sound like the rest of the year? Your possibly deflated “I don’t have a job” ego when you’re at a holiday gathering is really no different than when you’re networking any other time of year.

But, here’s some food for thought: John Maxwell said, Your attitude may be the greatest determining factor in how you live your life – positively or negatively. And it is entirely within your control. Choose to be extraordinarily positive.

networking-at-holiday-partiesYour attitude can definitely separate you from the crowd when you’re doing excruciating things during the holidays like attending parties, lunches, dinners, and open houses as an unemployed person. The dreaded question “What do you do?” is a lead balloon everywhere you go. Such a downer, right? Dude, flip the “on” switch for your attitude! See the light!

Put aside expectations of lousy holiday conversations and adjust your attitude by helping someone else to have a better life or a happier time. There are plenty of people who can use your help. Take action. Why not pick a cause and volunteer? Studies show that helping others is one of the best ways to raise your self esteem. It gives you a huge attitude adjustment.

You don’t necessarily have to serve soup in a soup line, even though if you do, chances are you’ll find yourself in good company. Alongside you will be executives who, by the way, put a huge value on creating significance by volunteering. Pick a charity and be chief of fundraising. You can offer your marketing or promotional experience. You can present “toys to tots” in the hospital. You can deliver Meals on Wheels in your community.

Or you can help organize a function for one of your networking groups. Again, volunteer! Help them out. It will keep you on point. Chances are, your name will be in the program with thanks. What an affirmation of your value during your search!

These “feel good” efforts will increase your esteem and positive attitude. This will project to everyone. Yes!

If all else fails, ACT like you’ve got a positive attitude! Seriously. This will light you up. Your positivity attracts positive people. And that often means hiring executives. They’ll interpret your great attitude as meaning you could be a great team member. Make conversation with them in social situations. They’ll be happy to speak with you if you’re happy. This bears repeating every year.

Fire up your attitude for holiday job search, ladies and gentlemen. It’s a great time to look. Go! Enjoy!

Diane Y. Chapman is Chief Communications Officer of Power Connections, Inc., Outplacement, Career Management and Executive Coaching company.

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