The Power Connections Mission

Outplacement with HEART: Changing the world one person at a time, by supporting people in their pursuit of meaningful work.

“My team and I love what we do.  We express our love and passion for helping people obtain professional vibrancy through providing outplacement services, career coaching and career development coaching.  We do this from our heart, and by generously sharing what we know from our years of experience.  I like to say that we live and breathe job search techniques every day, because of the relationship we develop with our clients.  We aren’t reciting canned instructions, we are knocking on doors with them, feeling what they feel, learning what they are learning, and strategizing at every turn.”  – Susan Howington, CEO, Power Connections Career Services, Inc.

  •  If your company is downsizing and you want to provide outplacement services that engage personally with your separated employees, then we are the resource for you.
  • If you’re an individual who wants a personal Career Coach who will guide you every step of the way, then we are your resource.

Power Connections is an outplacement firm catering to all levels of outgoing employees. We strive to offer a world-class service that creates positive and life enhancing experiences for our clients! The mission of Susan Howington and her team of top career management experts, business consultants and executive coaches, is to embrace each client’s professional vision and objectives, and to provide the necessary tools, skills and network to help make their vision become a reality whether we are working with individual clients or outplacement groups, we are committed to helping them invest in their career futures.

Good ideas do not spread on their own.” – Jim Anderson in Fast Company

9 Reasons Why You Should Select Power Connections as Your Corporate or Personal Outplacement Provider!

  1. Susan Howington, CEO

    Susan Howington, CEO

    Power Connections’ business is generated from corporate customers who sponsor career transition services (outplacement services) to all outgoing employees. In addition, our business also supports executives and mid-level professionals who want to personally invest in their career transition process or executive development. We have had the pleasure of supporting the group outplacement initiatives of corporations throughout the country.

  2. We leverage our contacts on behalf of our Clients. We act as a Personal Agent, representing our clients to the business community at large. Considering that having relevant business contacts and being endorsed by a credible reference is critical to any job search, this is a clear differentiator between our service and that of any other outplacement company.
  3. Our understanding of the service requirements and needs of the senior executive in transition. We work almost exclusively with senior executives; therefore, our team consults very effectively at this level.
  4. We have a strong client service orientation. You are accustomed to a certain level of assistance. Our program is not self-serve like so many others. We serve you!
  5. Our team members are considered top of class in their areas of expertise. Each team member has 15 – 25 years of experience in their field.
  6. Each job search campaign is literally customized to the needs of each of the individuals that we serve.
  7. Our methodology is progressive, proactive and contemporary. Our coaching is up-to-the moment, based on job search trends and techniques that are working NOW, in this current job market!
  8. Each client is supported by no less than 4 – 6 people during their service engagement. We embrace the objective of each client, and as a team, work towards meeting that individual’s goals.
  9. Our mission statement is like no other; we are genuinely and sincerely committed to seeing our clients succeed!

To learn more about our service offerings and how we can support your company in its efforts to provide the highest level of transition service for your out-going employees, call us! You will be pleased with our program model and our fee structure. Call 949-387-5808 (office) or Susan Howington (direct) at 949-285-9541.

Or, if you are an executive that desires the most relevant and individualized career transition assistance, call to learn how we will create a customized campaign just for you! 949-387-5808 (office) or Susan Howington (direct) at 949-285-9541.