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Human Interaction and Technology Make the Difference

Years ago, I was working for one of the “big box” outplacement firms and I had the opportunity to share a service concept with the powers that be at that time. This concept was based on providing honest to goodness, one-on-one, customized service to our clients while providing technology as a supplemental tool. Now this may not seem like such a novel idea to you, but it was at the time when the outplacement industry was moving into technology-based delivery systems and trying to figure out how to deliver services at higher profit margins and with less personal interaction. For as you know, people are typically a service company’s biggest business expense. Since this was the prevailing strategy, no one was interested in my concept of differentiating ourselves by being the best in the world through human interaction and technology.

This was at a time when big changes were occurring in my beloved industry and key people left my employer, including me. It became a time of opportunity! I now had the chance to create my own outplacement company, offering the service and level of support that I believed people who were let go from their companies needed and deserved. After all, being let go from a job and out of work is a very scary and stressful predicament.

Power Connections Career Services started with just me, from meeting wonderful clients in coffee shops, to building a corporate office in Irvine, CA, to maintaining offices from San Diego to the Central Coast of California, to expanding globally as an equity partner of Career Partners International (CPI). My global partners are all like me—we want to really work with our clients to see them succeed in their careers. 

Our co-ownership with CPI, one of the most respected career management organizations in the world, allows us to serve clients at more than 300 state-of-the-art facilities around the globe—all dedicated to career transition. We truly act as your local partner with global service capabilities.

So that’s my story, no exaggeration. Everything we share with our outplacement clients is something I have done myself. I’ve been down the road of job transition. 

My team and I sincerely care and put our hearts into the support we provide to each and every client.  

If you can’t say this about your current outplacement provider, maybe it is time you do what is best for your outgoing employees. Give me a call and we can discuss how to best support them during the complicated and confusing time of being out of work.  

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