Welcome to The Club!

Being axed places you in an esteemed club. If you have been through the experience of losing your job, then I want to welcome you to the Club.  The Club, you say?  What Club? Why, it’s the Club for the sacked, wacked, separated, terminated, eliminated, reduced, canned and fired!   And membership is free!  The only […]

Job Search Bling: It’s a Natural Thing

Every living thing has its own kind of bling. If not for the bling, life as we know it would not have stood the test of time. Think about it. In the plant world, flowers exist to attract bees so the bees can pollinate and enable the plant to continue to exist. Birds exhibit all […]

Oh No! The Perspective is All Wrong! Four coachable elements of perspective to give you the edge in your value proposition.

In my office you’ll find my very first oil painting displayed. It’s a painting of the charming interior room of a home in Greece overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. I placed it in my office for all to see, not because it’s a great first attempt at learning how to paint, (Trust me, it’s not!) but […]

Fuel the Economy: Hire the Unemployed!

I am hearing in casual conversation that companies are using a vetting process of eliminating the unemployed from their resume stack due to the overwhelming number of resumes received for an open position. I’ll give you 5 GREAT reasons to rethink this hiring strategy, and to hire the unemployed now!