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The ABCs of Job Search Pain

If you’ve ever experienced an “unplanned” separation from your employer, then you have most certainly experienced one or more of the job search pains that are in this list. Even though most people have experienced being unemployed at least once in their careers, more often than not, being unemployed presents some challenges and complications.

At Power Connections, we approach each new client as a person with their own story that comes with their own challenges. We care, and it shows in our outplacement program because our service is from the heart!

Here are the “job search pains.”

Adjusting – Getting up in the morning every day and not having anywhere to go is a huge adjustment.

Being out of the loop – no more calls, no more voice mails, no attention, no one needs you.

Confusion – Why was I let go?  What do I say to my family, neighbors, friends, or to a hiring manager?

Depression – Yes, this is very real!  There are days when one really has to manage their emotions.

Embarrassment – What do I say about why I was let go? Or, about why it is taking me so long to find work?

Financial Implications – The question is ever present “Will we be able to make it?”

Gifted – You know you are gifted, but you have never had to articulate your talents to anyone.

Humility – Being out of work is a humbling experience, to say the least.

Identity Loss – Feeling like “a nobody.”  Our jobs are closely tied to our public identity.

Jettison Negative Thoughts – This takes daily mental discipline.

Keeping Confident – Staying confident even when no job offers are coming in.

Loneliness – The feeling that you are the only one; no one understands what it’s like to be in job search.

Modifications to Life Style – Not all family members understand the need to change spending habits.

No schedule – No structure to one’s day!

Obstacles abound!  – No one ever expects job search to be so hard or to take so long.

Personal relationships – Spouse, in-laws, parents may not understand job search challenges.

Quelling FEAR! – Fear lurks and must be managed.

Resentment – It is easy to be resentful. The key is to let the resentment go as quickly as one can.

Swinging Moods – Job search is an emotional roller coaster. You are up and down.

Transition – or “in Transition” becomes your most dreadful nomenclature.

Uncertainty – Not knowing when you will land another job.

Venture – Being forced to venture into a new career when one wasn’t planning it.

Wondering – Will I ever find another job?  Will I ever be on top of my game again?

X Factor – Not knowing what is going on behind the scenes of a job opportunity.

Yammer – Listening to the complaining and whining of others in transition can be overwhelming at times.

Zeal for Networking – NOT!

If you would like our help with your job search, please call Susan Howington 949-285-9541 or email Susan@PowerConnectionsInc.com.  www.PowerConnectionsInc.com

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