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Another Platform: Thriving

So here it is, I am going way out on a limb:

I am of the platform that has to do with Thriving. Give me a man or woman, regardless of their age, religion, gender preference, disability (and any of the other classifications), who desires the chance to pursue meaningful work, be productive, be a provider, to contribute, improve their own lives, their family’s lives and the lives around them, and I am for that political platform.

This party platform would be based on a plain and simple concept that believes people need to do meaningful work. “Meaningful” as defined by each individual. What I consider meaningful, might not be meaningful to you and vice versa.
From the beginning of mankind, early human beings worked because it was the difference between surviving and dying. Like it or not, and believe it or not, we have not yet evolved as human beings such that the drive and natural tendencies to work have left our psyche. The act of working is still in our DNA.

I am not an expert in the physiology, anthropology and or the psychology of human kind, but I am an expert in helping people who want to find meaningful work and do more than just survive. Many want to thrive!

“Surviving is important. Thriving is elegant.” – Maya Angelou, Poet and Author

If you want to talk to someone about how you can thrive, give me a call.
Susan Howington is the CEO of Power Connections Career Services, an outplacement and Executive Coaching company. She is a Career Transition and Career Management Coach, Speaker, author and Executive Coach. www.PowerConnectionsInc.com


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