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Here’s the Trouble with Burnout

It’s a nasty, bad condition; definitely not good for you!

In my coaching of executives, I have noticed a general theme with business executives who are burned out. How does it happen? What are solutions? This is a must read.

Weeding versus Leading

Is there a lot of weeding going on? Or leading? People in burnout mode are often control freaks, lack trust, and have the opinion that no one does it better than they do.  There is little awareness around what is the highest and best use of a leader’s time.  The burned out leader tends to get into the day-to-day minutia, and gets involved with duties for which their subordinates are responsible.

There is no “I” in Team

Burned out business leaders secretly have visions of grandeur. In their minds, THEY are the ones with all the answers, all the skills, and all the smarts.  They do all things better than everyone else and they do it all single handedly! (Not really, but this is kind of the sentiment.)

Having B & C Level Players in the Department

Staying late every night to review subordinates’ work is not only being in the weeds, but is probably an indication of making bad hires or promoting the wrong people.  Developing B players to become A players can be energizing.  Developing C players to be B players is exhausting and unproductive.  No wonder the leader is burned out!  B players need to be developed or moved into a position where they can rise to A Level, or let go. The C Player needs to be moved out and replaced with an A player.  If one relishes the thought of replacing the C player in a department with the talent needed, then something needs to be done!  Life at work will be less stressful for the business leader and everyone else if that person is gone.

No Vacations

There is no badge of honor for not going on vacation. You know you are burned out if you don’t feel energized or relaxed after vacation.  One vacation is not what the doctor has ordered.  Part of the management of your emotional, mental and physical health is that you detach and rest on a regular basis, not just once a year for a week or two.

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Illustration by Samantha Craddock @123RF.com