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Job Search Success

Are You Ready for Some Good News?

Honestly, this is really happening!  Ring the bell! Sound the Gong! Our success is generated from the success of our clients – who received Power Connections outplacement services from our generous corporate customers.

We are the outplacement company that really cares and invests our heart; our creativity and our strategic intelligence into helping each of our clients find new jobs.

We are so happy to announce in the last 4 weeks, we have the following job search successes:

  • Sales Operations, on-line retailer
  • Portfolio Management, investment management firm
  • Software Development, Consumer products
  • Chief Accounting Officer, High Tech Products Development
  • Director, Distribution
  • Director, Telecom
  • Technician – Out of 119 applicants, Power Connections’ client was 1 of only 2 candidates who made it through the ATS and invited to interview; received official offer on 4/2/20!

And still, more of our clients are actively interviewing and moving their interview process forward. Here is a sample of what our clients are experiencing right now!

  • Mechanical Engineer interviewing consistently with 3 different companies; interviews every week for last 4 weeks
  • VP Marketing interviewing and advancing with 4-5 different companies
  • Hardware Engineer in final interview stages for full time position
  • Project Management, actively interviewing e-commerce company
  • Customer Relations, interviewing with customer relationship company
  • Business Operations, interviewing with non-Profit
  • Investment Management Executive, 4 outstanding offers and still interviewing

This success does not happen by chance. It happens from doing all the right things; staying focused on working “the program,” being smart (i.e. strategic), and staying positive and energetic in one’s communication with others.

Power Connections is the outplacement firm with heart ♥ and the results show that heartfelt support really works!

If your company is faced with downsizing, please give us a call. You will be proud to say that Power Connections Career Services is your outplacement service!

Please call Susan Howington at 949-285-9541 / Susan@PowerConnectionsInc.com or Rita Deitos at 949-310-5988 / Rita@PowerConnectionsInc.com.

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