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Job Search Tip: Answer Your Phone! Your Cat Will Thank You

Recruiters are calling, but candidates aren’t picking up. Sounds implausible doesn’t it?  During this time of our lives, when the unemployment rate sky rocketed over the last 4 weeks, when companies have been mandated to shut down operations and we are all in pseudo-isolation mode, why wouldn’t someone out of work answer their phone?

I called 8 people today, who I don’t know, and they don’t know me, but I am aware that they have recently lost their jobs. Not a one answered their phones. Six of the eight did not have a personal greeting, so I don’t even know if I left a message for the right person. Granted, I am not a recruiter, but what if I was?  Seriously, we’re all cloistered at home.  What else do you have to do?

I learned a long time ago from my recruiter friend, Brad Remillard, that if a recruiter calls you and catches you at the grocery store or, at the doctor’s office waiting room, or home schooling your kids because their school is closed, just ask if you can schedule time to talk when it is more conducive for you to give your full attention to the caller.  Recruiters know you want to be at your best and by the way, they want to find the best candidate too, so it behooves them to give you the benefit of being prepared for their call. 

Boy, after experiencing Shelter at Home for a week, if my cell phone rings, I am thrilled, even if it is to simply talk to someone other than my cat. I don’t know about your cat, but my Mimi sleeps ALL day. Now that I am in WFH (working from home) mode, I will pet her, talk to her, and do things to “make her more comfortable.” From her perspective, I am messing with her constantly.  From my perspective, she is my entertainment and my WFH buddy.

For goodness sake, answer the phone! It may be the first step to getting you closer to your next job. Besides, your cat will thank you!

Susan Howington is CEO of Power Connections Career Services, Inc. an outplacement, executive coaching and HR Consulting firm.  When it comes to job search, there isn’t much that Susan has not observed or heard.  She and her team take a very thoughtful and strategic approach to each client’s search for new opportunities, while using business networks and connections to help launch their clients into their next job.  Susan can be reached at 949-285-9541 or Susan@PowerConnectionsInc.com.