Another Platform: Thriving

So here it is, I am going way out on a limb: I am of the platform that has to do with Thriving. Give me a man or woman, regardless of their age, religion, gender preference, disability (and any of the other classifications), who desires the chance to pursue meaningful work, be productive, be a […]

Job Search Bling: It’s a Natural Thing

Every living thing has its own kind of bling. If not for the bling, life as we know it would not have stood the test of time. Think about it. In the plant world, flowers exist to attract bees so the bees can pollinate and enable the plant to continue to exist. Birds exhibit all […]

Reflectively Looking at Your Personal Brand

Q & A you can have with yourself about… yourself! There are a plethora of questions to ponder when taking a personal look at your brand. Listed below are the top five reflective questions to help guide an inward look at your outward appearance. Here’s the first one: What would people say about you if […]

How to Discover New Ways to Differentiate Yourself in the Job Market

Hint: The answer is in YOU! What do walking, jogging, working out, running, gardening, or even swinging a pick axe and job search campaign strategies have to do with each other? It sounds crazy, I know, but consider this: Have you ever gone for a walk or gone jogging to help you think, create, or […]