The ABCs of Job Search Pain

If you’ve ever experienced an “unplanned” separation from your employer, then you have most certainly experienced one or more of the job search pains that are in this list. Even though most people have experienced being unemployed at least once in their careers, more often than not, being unemployed presents some challenges and complications. At […]

Job Search and the “Happiness Factor”

Ladies and gentlemen, I won’t sugarcoat the overwhelming process that is “job search,” with all of its materials preparation, networking meetings, person-to-person introductions, resume submissions, and myriad coffee dates with contacts. Whew! Catch your breath! It’s brutal, really, and honestly, everyone on the planet knows it. So, what to do when the angst you invariably […]

Climb the Career Transitions Ladder!

Are you attentive and available?? No, I’m not reading a line from an on-line dating website. I’m speaking about your career management techniques! Being attentive and available are two key ingredients for career transitions. We millennials have mostly started at the bottom and crave success within the workplace. With our higher education skillsets still sharp, […]

Rejected! Ouch! Four ways to interpret the meaning of “No.”

If you have never suffered rejection, (Believe it or not some of us haven’t!! What’s up with that?) I hope you never will. Most of us have suffered rejection at some point in our lives. From the young love who dumps us to the job interview that bombs, rejection brings us dashed hopes, confusion, embarrassment, […]